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raw Raw      * Crab

Today Special Sushi Bar

Choice of 2 Special Rolls and Come with 2 pcs Gyoza, 2 pcs Crab Rangoon, Pineapple and Choice of Green Salad or Miso Soup
Any Two Special Rolls 27.00

  • T1. Green Dragon Roll
  • T2. Spider Roll
  • T3. Rainbow Roll
  • T4. Godzilla Roll
  • T5. Black Dragon Roll
  • T6. Spicy Salmon Tempura Roll
  • T7. Dynamite Roll
  • T8. Crazy Salmon Roll
  • T9. Green Roll
  • T10. Monster Roll
  • T11. Spicy Lobster Tempura Roll
  • T12. Yummy Roll
  • T13. Volcano Roll
  • T14. Crazy Tuna Roll
  • T15. Green River Roll
  • T16. Pottstown Roll
  • T17. Romantic Roll
  • T18. Black Jade Roll
  • T19. Out of Control Roll
  • T20. Sakura Roll
  • T21. Amazing Roll
  • T22. Sunshine Roll
  • T23. Fabulous Roll
  • T24. T.N.T Roll